This article covers the proper installation or removal of the SIM card in an XCover Pro. 

If you have another phone like an A12, A13, A14, or A32, see this article: SIM Card Installation (Most Phones)

To see which slot the SIM card is in before removing the back cover, see this article: Primary Device Identifiers

Things you'll need:

  • Your phone
  • A pencil with an eraser
  • A paperclip or other small object

1. Remove the back cover by prying up starting at the notch in the top-right corner.

2. The SIM card should be in SIM1 under the microSD tray.

3. If the card is in SIM2, remove the battery and then carefully slide down to remove the card. One trick is to use a pencil eraser to help grab the card and slide it out.

4. The notch in the SIM card should be in the the top-left corner with the gold contacts facing down.

5. Insert the card under the metal tray and gently slide it up.

6. Slide the card into the phone until it stops and replace the battery.

7. Power the phone back on and make a test call to confirm the phone is working.

If you need to remove the card from SIM1 for any reason, there is a small metal lever you need to slide down. Use any small object like a paper clip or your fingernail.