Troomi's Experience Desk agents will ask you to verify your Parent Portal PIN whenever you request changes be made to your Troomi account. Whether you are updating your payment information or asking for settings to be changed on your Troomi phone; we want to make sure we are talking to the person authorized to make changes on the account. 

You created your Parent Portal PIN when you created your Troomi account. If you can't remember your Parent Portal PIN or need to reset it, you can do so directly from the Parent Portal. 

From the Parent Portal click on the profile icon next to your name in the upper righthand corner. 

Click Manage Account PIN Info. 

If you've forgotten your PIN

Enter your Parent Portal password and click Send PIN Info and we'll send the account PIN number to your account email address.

If you need to reset your PIN

Click Reset Account PIN. Enter your Parent Portal password and old account PIN. Then enter and verify your new account PIN and click Reset Account PIN. 

You will receive confirmation via email that your PIN has been reset. Please remember and store your Parent Portal PIN in a secure location. Never share your PIN with others. If you receive notification that you Parent Portal PIN has been changed and you did not authorize this change, please contact customer support immediately.