When you create a Troomi account you also create a PIN associated with the account. You can recover a lost Account PIN or Reset our Account PIN from the Account tab in the Parent Portal.

1. Click the Manage Account PIN Info link on the Account Tab in the Parent Portal

2. Select Send PIN Info button to request your PIN 

This will send the PIN to the email address for the account

3. Select Reset Account PIN to change your Account PIN

4. Enter a new Account PIN

  • Re-enter the account password
  • Enter the old Account PIN
  • Enter your new Account PIN
  • Re-enter the new Account PIN
  • Press Reset Account PIN

PIN email

Troomi account PIN information has been requested from your parent portal

Your account PIN is: 1111

If you did not request this information specifically from the Troomi Parent Portal, it is highly recommended that you change your account password immediately as your account may have been compromised.