A major difference between us and other kid safe companies is the device quality. We are using higher-quality (but still affordable) Samsung devices with incredible cameras. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A12 has a 16MP camera and the Galaxy A32 has a 48MP camera!

Troomi is the phone service, operating system, and the device provider. You won't have to go through the process of getting a SIM card and phone service on your own.

Other services limit devices to talk and text only. No doubt that has been a great solution for many families (especially with younger children) but may not provide the flexibility necessary to have long-term relevance or practicality for kids who need functionality to help them with their schoolwork and with healthy hobbies.

At Troomi, safety and security for your kids are our highest priority. That's why our devices use military-grade security to protect users.

Our Troomi Parent Portal also gives you as parents complete control to safelist phone numbers, so you can choose the specific phone numbers allowed for incoming and outgoing texts or calls. With SafeListing™ on, all numbers that aren't on the list will be blocked.

For those children who are ready, you can also turn SafeListing™ off, which will allow for texts and calls to and from any phone number.