An issue you may encounter on your phone is that the network configuration is incorrect. This can commonly be diagnosed on Troomi phones if the phone connects properly to the parent portal on Wi-Fi (e.g., last sync time is current, GPS location is updated, new parent settings are accepted, etc.) but is unable to do the same off of Wi-Fi. You may also have issues sending and receiving phone calls while text messaging working just fine.

Below are common fixes for this issue. It's recommended that you go through the steps one at a time and check to see if you have mobile data prior to proceeding to the next fix. 

Turn Wi-Fi off

When checking for mobile data, ensure that Wi-Fi is turned off. Swipe down from the top of your screen and select the Wi-Fi button to turn it off.

Note: Keep Wi-Fi off for the remainder of the troubleshooting to ensure the phone can talk with the carrier over the cellular network.

Ensure mobile data is turned on

Occasionally, mobile data can get turned off on a phone. This setting is critical to properly connecting to the internet via your cell network. Follow the steps below to ensure mobile data is turned on.

Note: As of KidSmart OS 0.1.87, mobile data should be forced on unless the phone is in Airplane mode.

Open Settings on the phone and then select Connections.

Then select Mobile networks.

Turn Mobile Data off.

Wait about 10 seconds and then turn Mobile Data back on.

Restart your phone

Since Troomi phones currently restart every night, this step typically gets accomplished at that time, but it's always good to do it again.

Enable/Disable Airplane mode

Many times the issue is that the phone hasn't received a proper configuration from the carrier. In that case, simply turn on airplane mode, wait for 10 seconds, then turn it off to request new data from the carrier. You can access Airplane mode by swiping down from the top of your screen.

Reset APN settings

On your phone, APN settings are used to set up a connection between your cellular network and the wider internet. The steps to reset your APN settings are depicted in the images below.

Open Settings on the phone and then select Connections.

Select Mobile networks.

Select Access Point Names.

Select the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

Select Reset to default

and then Reset

Select ATT Nextgenphone

After you finish resetting your APN settings, restart your phone to make sure that the settings are submitted correctly.

After restarting, try making a test call. If unable to call, continue to the next step.

Reset network settings

Warning: This step will clear all of your saved Wi-Fi networks. You will need to set up any existing network connections again.

Resetting network settings will clear the settings from the carrier. It will then go ahead and attempt to fetch those settings again. The process to reset network settings is shown below.

Open Settings on the phone, scroll down, and select General management.

Select Reset.

Select Reset network settings.

Then Reset settings

It may take a few moments but look for a toast message that it was reset.

Restart the phone.

Remove and reinsert the SIM card

The SIM card is used to identify your phone on the cell network. By removing and reinserting it, you're signaling that your phone needs configuration settings. (When you pull out the SIM card tray, take care that the SIM card doesn't get damaged and stays in the tray. If it falls out, make sure that it goes back into the correct slot.) After your remove and reinsert the SIM card, restart your phone.

Follow this article for help removing and reinstalling your SIM card.

If you attempted the above steps and your phone still has issues

Reach out to Troomi and we would be happy to take additional steps with you. If we're unable to resolve the issue on our end, the worst-case scenario would be to factory reset your device. This case can be quickly accomplished with a support call with a Troomi technician.