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This article explains what to do if your phone reports that there is no SIM card and can't make a call or text.

You may see this message in the Notification panel:

Things you'll need:

  • Your phone
  • The SIM tool that came in the box. (If you don't have this, a small paperclip will also work)

1. Start by turning your phone off and removing the case.

2. Locate the SIM card tray on the left edge of your phone.

3. Slowly insert the SIM tool (or paper clip) into the small hole below the tray until it ejects and then slide the try out.

4. Arrange the SIM card with the gold contacts down in the middle slot (SIM 1). There's a little notch in the corner of the SIM card that makes sure it only fits one way.

5. Slide the tray into the phone until it stops and power the phone back on. The error message should go away.

6. Make a test call to confirm the phone is working.

If you have an A32, the SIM card tray will look like this when correctly installed. Note that it only has a slot for one SIM card.