All customers are billed through an auto-payment system. The credit card used at purchase is the same card that will be automatically charged on the 7th of each month for phone service (and the warranty plan, if applicable). 


When you purchase your phone, you also pay for your first month of service. Because we don’t want customers paying for service before their devices arrive, that first month of service does not start until the device is activated by you. In other words, once your device is activated, your service is covered for the next 30 days.


However, our carrier insists that all customers are billed on the 7th of each month. As a result, every Troomi customer gets folded into that schedule, regardless of when they purchased or activated their device. So when the 7th of your first month hits, you will receive a prorated bill to cover the time period between the end of your pre-paid month and the next month (see below for further explanation).


Let’s say you purchase your Troomi phone on the 5th of the month and it is activated on the 15th. (You pay for the device and first month of service as part of the initial purchase.)

Your first bill will be prorated because you paid for a full month up-front but did not activate your line until the 15th, leaving a credit on your account. This credit will be applied to your second monthly bill (for which you will be charged the regular service rate).  

After that, you will see regular bills on the 7th of every month for your respective plan.

This is standard billing practice in the cell phone industry, which can be a bit confusing, but rest assured—you are not being double billed. This is simply how the first billing cycle works because our carrier aligns all billing to the same day of the month.

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