The purpose of this article is to help users with installation and usage issues. If you have an issue, error, or question that is not covered in this article, please either open a support ticket through the Parent Portal or send a message to

If you do not currently have a GroupMe account, we highly recommend creating the GroupMe account before installing the app. This article is written with the assumption that an account has be created to login with on the device.

Before we dive into the installation, there are a few important items to consider:

  • The GroupMe app requires at least 100mb of space to install. Sending and receiving files can be impacted by low disc space
  • The installation works best when the account is created outside of the app
  • While GroupMe will use your contact list for starting individual and group messages, it is possible for an approved contact to start a group message with people that are not approved contacts and the messages will deliver to the app. Contact through GroupMe is NOT limited to just approved contacts. Your child will be able to communicate with any member of a group chat.

One last thing to consider- we go to every length possible to ensure a safe and meaningful environment for your child. From time to time, unintended access is possible. Please be sure that you understand these risks before using the app. You will be required to acknowledge a statement to this effect prior to installing the app.

Getting Started

Once you have acknowledged the access warning and the app is installed, we highly recommend you create the GroupMe account from a PC or laptop. While it is possible to do it from a cell phone, certain devices will cut off portions of the sign up page, preventing you from acknowledging required items and stopping the install process. 

Contacts are not added directly to the app. The GroupMe app will search your contacts for people that either do or have used GroupMe. It will also display contacts that have not used GroupMe, with the ability to invite them to use the app. To create contacts in GroupMe, add them to the contact list on your Troomi device. 

How do I send a new individual message?

1.To start a new individual message, click on the Compose icon in the lower left of the screen. You will be given options for direct message (person to person)  group (person to group), or announcement. Choose direct message.

2. The next screen will have you choose the person you want to message. Recent people you've chatted with or new people that you've added as contacts will be displayed by default. Enter a name, phone number, or email address to find the contact you want to use.

3. Since this is an individual message, only one contact can be added.

4. Your message has been created and you are ready to chat.

How do I start a new group chat?

1. Click on the compose button in the lower right

2. Choose Group

3. You will see a differenct screen than you will for a person to person message. On the Group screen, you will need to supply a name for the group chat. You can also add a description of what the chat is about. You can even set a picture as an avatar for the group thread. 

4. Enter at least a Group Name to continue

5. When you are done setting up the group chat, click the check mark in the upper right to confirm your changes

6. Once you have saved the group message, you're ready to add members. GroupMe has a default limit of 200 participants in a group chat. 

7. Add contacts by entering a name, phone number, or email address in the search bar

8. Once all members have been added, hit the check mark again to save the group members

9. You'll next be taken to an advanced options screen. From this screen, you can set privacy settings as well as customizing the group chat with emojis or themes.

10. Make any wanted changes to who can join, visibility, and customization. Click the back arrow or skip to continue.

11. Next is the Add Member screen. You can either add contacts now, or save the group conversation and add members later. To finish adding members or to skip, click the check mark in the upper right corner

12. After saving your changes, you'll be brought back to the Advanced Settings screen. Hit Skip in the upper right to continue

13. You'll be brought to the message screen. If contacts have already been added to the group message, you can begin texting add sharing files.

14. If you didn't add contacts, we will do it now. 

15. From the group message window, tap the group name to edit the group settings

16. Click on members to add people to the group chat

17. On the members screen, you will see a list of all current group members. Click the blue plus in the lower right to add additional group members.

18. Add up to 200 members

19. Click the check mark to save your settings and return to the group message

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add new people to an existing message?

A: Yes! Just follow step 17

Q: Can I remove someone from a group chat?

A: Yes! Just go to the group message settings (step 15), click Members, click the 3 dot menu in the upper right, choose Remove Members and select individuals to remove. 

Q: Can I add attachments to group or individual messages?

A: Yes! Just hit the + next to the text box and choose your attachment

Q: If I want to leave a group message owned by someone else, can I do that?

A: Yes! Click the group name, click settings, click remove or end group

Q: Can I make someone else the group owner/administrator?

A: Yes! Click the group name, click settings, click change owner, and select the new administrator

Q: Can my child get messages from contacts that are not on my approved list?

A: Yes. Creating messages is limited to approved contacts, but other contacts can create messages and include members that are not part of your childs approved contacts.