IMPORTANT: Before you reset your phone make sure all Pictures, Videos, Music, and Movies you want are saved off the phone somewhere, a Factory Reset will ERASE these!

Samsung Account: If you have a Samsung account logged in on the device, you will NEED to know the log-in, without it, we are unable to do a factory reset.

Initiate Reset and Erase Data:

  1. Settings - General Management - Reset (Towards the bottom of the page) 

  2. Select “Factory Data Reset” 

  1. Click the “Blue” “Reset” Button 

  1. Then select “Blue”  “Delete All” Button 

NOTE: This will take 3-5 minutes, please be patient.

Complete Reset Process: 

  1. Make sure the language is set to English / Native Language

  1. Hit the “Blue” “Start” Button 

  1. Click the bottom option “Agree To All”

  1. Then click the “Blue” “Agree” Button in the bottom right corner

  1. “Use Mobile Data” will pop up and click on “Settings” 

  1. Next Connect the phone to your Wi-Fi network

  1. Once connected hit “Blue” “Next” button in the bottom right corner

  2. You should then see an “Updating Screen” wait for this to finish 

  3. Once that is done It will say “This Device Belongs To Your Organization” Hit next in the bottom right corner


  1. After hitting next wait for it to load

  2. Click “Set Up Device Owner”

  1. Then Hit “Blue” “Continue” in the bottom right, then scroll down and click "Accept"


  1. Then Hit “Orange” “Finish” Button


  1. Find and open the “Orange” “Updater app”


  1. This should take you to a separate screen that says “Appear On Top” in the top left corner


  1. Scroll down and find the “Orange” “Updater App” and make sure you turn the slider on. When done the slider should be “Blue” NOT “Grey”                                      

  2. After you turn that on, hit the back arrow in the top left corner

  1. Then open the “Orange” “Updater” App again

  1. Hit “Activate License” 

  2. Hit "Allow"

  3. Then hit “Update Troomi”, and wait until it says "KPE" install successfully.

  4. A pop up will appear saying "Harmful app Blocked", press "More details" > "Install Anyway"

  5. Then it will take you to a new screen that says “Usage Data Access” in the top left

  1. Scroll down to the bottom and find the “Purple” “Troomi” app and turn it on

  2. Then hit the back arrow in the top left

  1. It will then give you a pop up asking for a bunch of permissions. Just hit “While Using The App” and “Allow” until the pop ups go away.

  1. After that the top left of the new page will say “Appear On Top” 

  1. Find the “Purple” “Troomi” app and turn it on 

  2. Once done hit the back arrow in the top left

  3. This should take you back to the “Home Screen” 

  4. Then Open the “Purple” “Troomi” App

  5. At the bottom of the screen you will have 3 options, select “Activate” in the bottom right

  6. You will see 4 options FIRST click “Activate License” You should see “KPE activation success” towards the bottom of the screen (only takes a few seconds) 

  7. After you see that click on “Complete Provisioning” (3rd Option)

  8. You will then see a code, please give that to the support rep assisting you.

  9. Once the Troomi Support representative says it’s okay click the “Registration Completed” 

  10. Factory default Apps will disappear and configurations will download the rest of the Troomi apps, this can take 5 minutes up to 2 hours depending on what the phone is downloading.

  11. After 2 hours, and downloads have been finished, restart the phone.