Windows Key (Win) by itself will bring up your Start menu.


Many actions can be taken on a keyboard by holding the Windows key, and pressing another. 

The Plus (+) character means to press the two keys in combination with each other.


Win+E opens a new File Explorer window.

Win+R opens a Run window where you can type a program's name to open it, such as "iexplore" to open a new browser or tab in Edge.

Win+L will lock your computer.

Win+U opens Windows Accessibility.

Win+D minimizes all open windows to show the Desktop.

WIN+V opens your clipboard history.

Win+Shift+S will allow you take a screenshot of an area that you select by click-dragging.

ALT+Tab swaps between current and recent windows. 

Hold in ALT and tap Tab one time to go to the next window.

You can also navigate using your mouse or arrow keys, while holding ALT.

CTRL+N opens a new window within your Browser.

CTRL+T will open a new Tab in your browser.

CTRL+SHIFT+N will open a new Incognito Window from your browser.

CTRL+SHIFT+T will reopen closed tabs.

CTRL+F will bring up a Find search.

F3 will also bring up a Find search.

F5 will Refresh.

CTRL+R will also Refresh.

CTRL+C will copy the highlighted text.

CTRL+X will cut the highlighted text, so that it can be placed elsewhere.

CTRL+V will paste the copied text.

CTRL+Z will undo the last action.


CTRL+SHIFT+V will paste without formatting.

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC will bring up the Task Manager