Samsung Gallery app stores all your pictures and videos in one place. Gallery not only stores your photos, but editing features let you turn your photos into works of art. Follow this guide to learn how to start editing your photos and videos like a pro. 

Open Gallery, then tap the Pictures tab. To search for a specific picture or video, tap the Search icon in the upper right corner. You can search by its tag, album name, or other details.


Select the photo you want to edit by clicking on its thumbnail. Tap the three vertical dots to be given more options. From here you can view the file’s detail, print a photo, set an image as your wallpaper, copy to clipboard, and more.

To begin editing, tap the pencil icon.

  • Rotate horizontally or vertically by taping the circular arrow icon. 

  • Flip horizontally to mirror the photo by tapping the line and two arrows icon. 

  • Aspect ratio can be changed by tapping the “Free” icon and then choosing your desired option. The slider will rotate the photo up to 45 degrees simply by moving the slider in either direction. 

  • Perspective can be adjusted by tapping the icon that looks like a window. Choose either Horizontal or Vertical, and then use the slider to change the perspective. 

  • Crop icon lets you zoom in and out or select a different portion of your photo.

  • Filter icon, it looks like three circles, lets you choose your preferred filter from the default options.

  • Brightness can be adjusted by tapping the sun icon. From here, you can adjust the light balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, tint, and temperature of your photo.

Now let's have some fun with the Smiley face icon. Here you can draw, add stickers, write text, and add personalized touches to your photo. Taping the Undo and Redo icons will help you get your edits just right. 

To access even more editing options, tap the three vertical dots in the lower right-hand corner. Here you can Spot color, Resize your image, or Save as copy so you can save both your edits and the original copy of your photo. 

Gallery also has video editing features. Select the video you want to edit and Trim by moving the slider either way. 

Have fun viewing and editing your photos in Gallery!