Referral Credits Configuration


  • Connect->Configure->Company Profiles
  • Referral Options

100% of MRC which is added to the EXISTING Customer for each month the NEW Customer pays monthly bill - starting on the NEXT full month - this means that it if the invoice has already been made and paid this month, then the credit will not be applied until the next month.

Additional Settings

Settings to specify what the NEW CUSTOMER receives or to add additional rewards to the EXISTING CUSTOMER are done in the Parent Portal Super-Admin Portal

Referral Trigger

A NEW Customer triggers the Referral to be initiated when the EXISTING Customer is the REFERRED BY customer here:




This screen is in several sections

  1. Account Details
  2. Security Questions
  3. Adresses
  4. Payment Methods
  5. Attachments
  6. Discounts and Credits
    1. Promo Codes applied to the account are displayed here
  7. Payment Plans
  8. Referred Subscribers
    1. Each referred subscriber and their status is displayed
  9. Referral Credits
    1. As Credits are earned (when NEW Customer pays monthly bill)
    2. UNAPPLIED credits are credits that have been earned but not used
    3. APPLIED Credits have been used - the actual amount Is displayed

This data is available to customers on their Referral Center:

  • Discounts and Credits
  • Referred Subscribers
  • Referral Credits


Referral credit + Promo Codes

Promo Codes will be applied first (if they exist and meet the criteria)

    Example (referral credits AND promo codes): 

  • Customers invoice is $24.95 Service and $6.00 warranty
  • Customer has unapplied referral credits(free months)
  • Customer has unused Promo for free month service
  • System will apply to Promo FIRST - to the service ($24.95)
  • System will then use the unapplied referral credit to pay the warranty ($6.00)

Referral credit timing for new customer

Referral credits are earned WHEN the new customer successfully pays for service - this INCLUDES the initial month

    Example (new customer at the end of the month):

  • Referral becomes a new customer on the last day of the month
  • As part of the purchase, the new customer will be billed for the first period, which is only 7 days in this case
  • Because the new customer successfully paid, a referral credit WILL BE issued to the Existing customer