What is an App Drawer and How to Use it If you are new to Android you may have wondered what the app drawer is? Where is it  and how do I use? 

No Worries! We can help. It its standard on most Android phones, including all Troomi phones and can be very useful in organizing your Apps.

What is the App Drawer?

Simply put, it is a section on your phones that contains all of your installed apps. If you are familiar with iPhone you might think this sounds like the home screen, but with android it is a little different because Android phones have both a HOME screen and an APP DRAWER

The App Drawer is similar to the Home screen except: 

  • It contains all installed Apps
  • There are no Widgets
  • There is no Dock

App Drawer vs Home Screen

When an app is installed it is placed in the app drawer an NOT on the home screen. You can add any app to the Home screen, but new apps are added to the App Drawer NOT the Home screen. The primary difference is that the App Drawer contains ALL installed apps while the Home screen contains only Apps you have moved to it. 

When you remove an app from the Home screen it is NOT UnInstalled, the icon is just removed from the Home Screen. However, the same is not true for the App drawer. 

The only way to remove an app from the App Drawer is to uninstall it

How to open the App Drawer 

The App Drawer can be accessed only from the Home Screen by either of two methods. 

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen 
  2. Tap the App drawer icon in the dock - *Note: the App drawer icon will only be in the Dock if it has been enabled in Settings.

What can you do with the App Drawer


The App drawer can be set to sort alphabetiaclly (the default for most Troomi devices) or sorted in the order that Apps were installed, meaning the most recently installed apps will be at the END of the list. You can change the sort by opening the App Drawer and tapping the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and choosing your sort mode preference. 


The App Drawer can have multiple pages. When a screen becomes full with Apps, the drawer will automatically begin a new page. Multiple pages are represented by a series of dots (one for each page) in the bottom center of the screen. Swipe left/right to changes pages. Search You can search for an app within the App Drawer by tapping the search icon at the top of the screen 


Folders are a convenient way to group similar apps. Most Troomi devices support folders in the App Drawer. 

To create a folder

Long-Press an App and drag it on top of another app that you would like to include in the folder 

To add an app to an existing folder

Long-Press an App and drag it into an existing folder 

To remove an app from a folder 

  1. open the folder 
  2. Long-Press the app you want to move
  3. drag it outside of the folder 

To remove a folder

removing all apps from a folder will automatically delete the folder 

How to add Apps to the Home Screen 

All Apps are immediately placed in the App Drawer, however, they are not automatically placed on the home screen (*unless you have the “Add new apps to Home Screen” enabled).  

To Add an app to the Home Screen

  • Open the App Drawer Find the app you want to add 
  • Long-Press the app icon 
  • Continuing to hold the icon will automatically place it on the home screen
  • Select “Add to Home” from the pop-up selector


  • Drag the icon to the left edge of the screen until the Home Screen opens and release the icon on the Home Screen 

To Remove an app from the Home Screen

  • Open the Home Screen Find the app you want to remove 
  • Long-Press the app icon
  • Select “Remove” from the pop-up selector (trash bin icon) 

How to Enable the App Drawer Icon on the Home Page

This controls the App Drawer icon in the Home Page Dock

  • Go to Settings->Home Screen  
  • Find Show Apps screen button on Home screen 
  • Turn ON to add the App drawer icon to the dock 
  • Turn OFF to remove the App Drawer icon from the dock