We have two options. You can have a SafeListed web browser that lets you add trusted websites your child wants access to, and those are the only websites they'll be able to access, or you can enable the unrestricted Chrome browser. You can manage web browsers in the Parent Portal. You must have the Discover Phone Plan for internet access.

  • Go to the Parent Portal.
  • Click on Web Settings and Click Ability to access websites to "on".
  • Below that, you will decide if you want the device to only have access to KidSmart Browser or Unrestricted Chrome User.
  • If choose KidSmart Browser, you must click Manage Safelist websites.
  • From here, you will need to add the browser link to the web page you want the device to have access to and Click add.

If you do not add web pages to the Safelist website, the device will NOT be able to access Safelist websites.