Simply stated, it’s the opposite of blacklisting. What’s blacklisting? In this case, it’s the compilation of phone numbers, email addresses and websites blocked from the user’s access. With safelisting™, there is—instead—a list of phone numbers, email addresses and websites available for the user to access. Instead of allowing access to all phone numbers, email addresses and websites except those you’ve added to a blacklist, all are automatically inaccessible unless you’ve added them to a safelist!
Contrary to the many options you’ll find out there, we secure our safety measures through the wonderful world of safelisting. Our unique safelisting capabilities are among our many safeguards in place to protect your child! With a safelist of contacts, your child can stay safe from strangers, scammers, salespeople and cyberbullies. With a safelist of websites, your child won’t stumble upon something they shouldn’t see.
Stress less—you won’t need to worry about what’s popping up on your child’s phone! With complete control over your child’s access, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re properly protected. And, you can adjust approved access as your child’s needs, knowledge and maturity change! You can enable or disable SafeListing™ from the Parent Portal at any time. When you disable it in the Portal Portal, that change is immediately sent to the device.