From the Home screen, swipe down (1) and select Settings (2)

Select Accounts and backup (1) and then Manage accounts (2)

Select the Google accout (1) and then Remove account (2)

Select Remove account (1) and then OK (2) to confirm

Verify your identity by scanning your fingerprint (1) or select USE PIN (2) and enter your PIN (3)

NOTE: You may not have an option to scan your fingerprint. Simply use whatever identity verification that you have, if any. This may be a Pattern, PIN, or Password.

You should be returned to the Manage account screen and only have the Samsung account.

Select the Samsung accout (1) and then Remove account (2) and then Remove account to confirm (3)

Select Sign out (1) and then Send email (2)

Note: We don’t use the Contacts apps so you can safely leave Contacts profile unselected

When you see this screen on the phone, WAIT!

From a different device (not your Troomi phone), open the Gmail account that was logged into the Troomi phone.

Open the email from Samsung account titled “Easily verify using a “One time permission for Sams…” (1) and select Continue with Eve Troomi (2) 

On your Troomi phone, you’ll see a message that the account was Signed out (1) and there are no more accounts listed on the Manage accounts screen (2).