You can find all of the available accessibility features by checking out the Settings>Accessibility options on the device. 

Text to speech is a technology used in situations where it is impossible or inconvenient for the user to read their screen aloud. It also makes it easier for people with poor eyesight or limited reading skills to communicate. Basically, all actions taken on the phone or received texts can be set up to be read aloud to you by your phone. 

Speech to text is different from text to speech. Speech to text is an application that utilizes your device's microphone to translate your spoken words into text so you don't have to type it out. It is also called speech recognition or computer speech recognition. This feature can help users create dictated texts, notes, essays, posts and more.

Currently, Troomi devices do not allow a user to enable speech to text because it requires a linked Google account and presents safety loopholes. Our developers are currently researching ways to offer the speech to text feature, but we do not yet have an estimated timeline of when or if that may become available.