You may occasionally run into error messages or issues with the Dialer. The easiest fix is to reinstall it.

  1. Long press the Dialer (1) and select Uninstall (2)
  2. Select OK

Wait a minute or so and the app will reinstall itself.

If you don't want to wait:

  1. Put the phone to sleep by quickly pressing the Power button to turn the screen off
  2. Press Power to wake it up and then unlock the phone, if necessary
  3. This forces the phone to check for any missing apps and reinstall the Dialer

Once the Dialer app is back on the phone, open it and set the following:

Note: Until these permissions are set, the Dialer may prompt you to set them each time the app opens.

  1. Do Not Disturb Permission
    1. After reinstalling, this will show automatically the first time the app is run
    2. Scroll to and select Dialer (1) and then Allow (2)
    3. Tap Back
  2. Default Dialer
    1. Select Dialer (1) and then Set as default (2)

Once your contacts show up, select one to make a test call (make sure it's someone who won't mind an unexpected visit) and set the following:

Note: You may not be prompted to set the Dialer app to make and receive calls and the call may go out normally. This is OK.
  1. Select Dialer
  2. Select Always