One of the main features of the Home screen on the Troomi Parent Portal is the Location and Device information tiles.

Location or Map Tile

  • The Location or Map tile shows the most recent GPS fix for the device
  • You can zoom in/out on this tile for more or less detail
  • Use Recenter Mapto locate the phone's most recently reported location on the map
    • This will get the most recent position reported by the phone and center the map on that location if you scroll to a different place on the map
    • It does not and cannot force the phone to do anything

The phone getting a location is dependent on a number of factors. Some of the most common are:

  • The GPS process must be running
  • The GPS services must not be suppressed by Android/Google
  • The phone must be able to fix a satellite (this is sometimes difficult in large buildings for example), etc.

Device Info Tile

  • This shows information reported by the phone
    • Remain charge
    • Strength of Cellular service
    • Strength of Wi-Fi connection
    • Device Model
    • When the device last synced with the server
    • The phone number
  • You can also see the current plan and then change it using Edit Plan
  • the current versions of the Troomi KidSmart® apps on the device.

  • You can also quickly disable, or "ground", a phone from this screen 
    • Setting the Device Enabled switch to OFF will stop all features on the phone except emergency contacts
    • Setting the Device Enabled switch to ON will return the phone to normal operation

*Note: this will not override other settings like time limitations. It only turns the phone on/off

Last 7 Days Usage Tile

This shows usage for today and the last 7 full days.