Note: The issue mentioned below will be addressed in a future update to to Dialer app. Once resolved, this article will be updated.


What Causes It

The most common reason the Dialer icon disappears is that a custom theme was used that changes the icon color.

This is caused by two themes. Until this is resolved, it's recommended to avoid them.

Dark red
Black & White

When the default colors are restored or the theme is changed, the Dialer icon disappears making it so you can't make calls.

How to Fix It

On your phone, go to Settings and scroll down and select Apps.

Find Dialer and select it.

Select Uninstall and then OK.

Wait a minute or so and the app will reinstall itself.

If you don't want to wait:

  1. Put the phone to sleep by quickly pressing the Power button to turn the screen off
  2. Press Power to wake it up
  3. This forces the phone to check for any changes, like missing apps, and will reinstall the Dialer

Once the Dialer is back on the phone, open it and set it as the default phone app by selecting Dialer (1) and then Set as default (2).

Lastly, ensure the Dialer app is used to make and receive calls. Once your contacts show up, select one to make a test call (make sure it's someone who won't mind an unexpected visit) and select Dialer (1) and then Always (2).