If the customer is having issues on their phone with the phone not syncing with the Parent Portal or the software isn’t functioning like it should, the following steps will force a system check and MDM restart.

  1. Make sure the customer is connected to Wi-Fi 
  2. Have the customer open the orange Updater app and click (the version number should be 0.1.24 or higher)
  3. Touch “update MDM” button

At this point the customer may see some messages displayed in the data pane at the top of the screen

4.  Have the customer go to the purple Troomi app and make sure the version number is 0.1.52 or higher.

5.  Retry the issues they were experiencing. If this doesn’t fix them, please escalate the issue to Troomi.

Troomi Updater App

Troomi KidSmart OS (MDM) App