This is for A12, A13, and Xcover only. If you have an A14, please use the factory reset document here:Factory Reset A14 ONLY (8/16/23)

Step 1: Contact Support

  • Contact support to have an agent enable Factory Reset on your device
    • If an agent doesn't enable this, when you go to Step 2, Factory Reset will be grayed out.

Step 2: Initiate the Reset on the Settings menu

  • Settings ->About -> Reset
  • Choose Factory Reset
  • tap OK
  • Tap Delete All

 This may take 3-5 minutes. Please be patient.


Step 3: Complete the Reset Process

Welcome Screen

  • English
  • Start
  • Enable Permissions
  • WiFi **you must connect to a WiFi network
  • Next-Next-Next (allow it to download all Troomi files)


Android Home Screen

  • Navigate to Updater App
  • Pop-up Appear on top = ON
  • Back Button
  • Home Button
  • Open Updater again
  • Activate License
  • Update MDM
  • Will say “Succesfully Installed MDM…
  • Open Purple Troomi App
  • Select Appear On Top = Always
  • Data Usage = ON
  • Close Purple Troomi
  • Re-open Purple Troomi App
  • Permissions - Allow-Allow
  • Open MDM
  • You should see 4 buttons - hit Activate Admin
  • Show register ID
  • See Pair Code (This will need to be given to Troomi Support)
  • Confirm UID
  • **Pair 
  • Touch Registration complete
  • Factory default Apps will disappear and configurations will download the rest of the Troomi apps