Your Troomi phone will need occasional updates in order to experience all the great Troomi features. In order to download and install these updates the phone needs approximately 1gb of open disc space. Not having enough space will cause some or all updates to fail.

Click here for Hints on how to free up space on your phone

Not having enough space will also prevent other apps like Dialer and Messenger, as well as KidSmart® or Basic apps, from updating or installing.

So, what happens if your phone fails to update because the device doesn't have enough storage space?

You will know this could be a problem if the Troomi Updater displays a message:

Click here for Hints on how to free up space on your phone

Checking the versions of KidSmart Apps

You can easily check the versions of the Troomi KidSmart® Apps from the Parent Portal.

In the Parent Portal, clicking the info circle next to the Troomi KidSmart OS version on the device info tile will open a pop-up window that shows three columns:

Your Version

This is the version of each app that is loaded on your Troomi phone

Released Version

This is the latest version - Your Version should MATCH Released Version 

Override Version

This is a tool we sometimes use for testing to override the version of an app - these should almost always be blank

If Your Version and Released Version don't match you should check to make sure you have at least 1gb of space on your phone and make sure your phone is connected to a reliable WiFi connection